Friday, 18 May 2012


Its been sometime since I posted in this blog and I had absolutely missed catching up with all of you and especially writing about “a day in the life of a career African driven woman.” And so what has been happening in this career driven african womans life? Well I relocated to Tanzania, am living in Dar es salaam and am working as the Head of Creative and Corporate communications for an agency. I must say that relocating is a big career step and takes a lot out of an individual. And as a mother and a wife, its even more challenging especially for an African woman to make such a decision that moves her away from her usual and comfortable “safe” surroundings. So what gives one the push? And can we say that this is a decision that most african women are having to face especially those who are in pursuit of their careers and are caught in between their commitment to their comfortable environments and actually moving away from that comfort zone into unknown territory in pursuit of career. How many of us are actually willing to take that sort of a risk, of forsaking our friends, family, familiar environment in pursuit of a career we desire? Is it an easy decision for the african woman to make or does it still come with resistance?

To be honest with you I honestly think that todays society has changed to a great deal, is willing to accept change and never ceases to surprise me. What was unheard of a few decades ago, is perfectly acceptable in todays society. At some point women were not to be seen in jeans/trousers/pants whatever you would like to call it, but today its the norm. So a woman who is as passionate about pursuing her career, an african woman at that, is nolonger such a surprise to people especially in africa. Look at Nonhle goes to hollywood and i could mention a few more women who have forsaken the comfort to pursue greater prospects.

My sister in law is actually going to complete her masters in the USA, she got a scholarship, she has 2 kids and is married, but guess what, she is still pursuing her dreams and career, and her whole family is tagging along with her! So i believe in all honesty, being married, having children, being a mother, cannot possibly stop you as an african woman from pursuing your career. All i can say to you is do it. There is no better time than now. I can tell you, moving to Dar, was a great move. It came with a lot of skeptisism not only from my family and friends but from me as well. Dont get me wrong. Tanzania is absoultely beautiful, with its beaches and great resorts. But there is a lot to adjust to, like the lack of town planning for one, the really bad roads, the threat of malaria and a not so efficient healthcare (and the scare that this poses for a mother like me). But there is one thing that drove me out of my beautiful country Zimbabwe, and thats career and opportunity. So I ask all women out there not to be afraid to dare. Dream big. Trust at the end that the powers that be, and here I mean God, is with you all the way. Once again, it’s great catching up with you after so long!

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