Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Together, lets make an impact on young lives!

Hey all,

So in the pursuit of making the world we live in a better place, we have come up with an initiative which we are running together within the 15th anniversary celebrations of EXIM Bank. I haven't posted in a bit, because we have been absolutely consumed running these activities, but let me start from the beginning. On the 13th of August we held an event at Kilakala Primary School in Yombo that is meant to assist the kids with getting educational material and helping in the overal development of the school. The present conditions of the school are not pleasant to say the least.

The school is situated in Dar es Salaam, Temeke Region in Yombo Vituka area. The students are coming from families, which live below poverty line of which most of them are orphans living with HIV.

The school has 2896 students with 53 teachers only. All these students are accommodated in 15 class rooms and they scramble for only 230 desks to seat on.

90% of the students write on the floor because there are only 230 desks meant to cater for all the students. During National Exams the school has to rent desks from nearby primary or secondary school for it’s student do exams. In addition, the school also does not have enough books, as the ratio is one book per 60 students.

The school doesn’t have a teachers office and so teachers use classrooms or they just sit outside.

This is their only toilet that is used by 2896 students and 53 teachers plus other students of nearby schools

This is the new toilet that they have been trying to build since beginning of last year, but it has not finished yet due to lack of more funds

The school has got no water facilities, if they need water they have to buy Tsh 30 per bucket.

The bank took a call to assist the school as a long term project. The needs of the school are plentiful and it will take time to get everything running in good order at the school. The good news is. The work towards improving this school has already begun.

On the 13th of august the bank gave 100 desks to the school and is in the process of purchasing more desks to give to the school.

In addition, we have done a one-week project of teaching the kids how to draw and paint through the assistance of Shama Jaffer, a professional art teacher for children. Not only have the kids acquired useful art skills through this project, but also their paintings will be auctioned at a Masquerade dinner being held this coming Friday and all proceeds raised from this will go towards the development of the school. Will let you see the update once the event takes place! Excited to see change taking place at this school!

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  1. wow..had no idea it was this bad...its an amazing thing u guys are doing here...these kids really need help.